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About Us

We serve New York's public sector entities.

Sourced Municipal Solutions  is uniquely qualified to assist clients and  public sector entities in matters pertaining to organizational management and administration.  Our founder and CEO has over thirty years of experience as professional municipal manager in the State of New York . 

We have the ability and capacity to respond and assemble the talent you'll need to advance your projects or organization, especially when time is of the essence. 

We understand the organizational constraints and complexities that are unique to the public sector. We can provide resourceful and practical solutions to move your project or organization forward. 

We solve problems and advance solutions.

We have extensive contacts and relationships with public sector experts, practitioners, and other strategic resources that can be quickly assembled to responds to your unique situation. Our services include:

Interim management for key executive positions

Organizational capacity and efficiency studies

Expediting Services for R&D

Project Management

We are scalable and can rise to any challenge.  Working together, we'll resolve your most pressing organizational issues. 

We offer support that is time and budget sensitive.

We pledge to give our clients the help and skillful guidance they need. Whether you need advice or information,  or critical paths to alliances, problem solving, and project completion, call on Sourced Municipal Solutions, your trusted source for breakthrough results.

For most assignments we can assess a single project fee for our work, so that there is never a clock or fee meter running, and you can control your costs. We simply will commit as much time and resources as are necessary to complete the assignment and meet deadlines. 

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Patricia Dwyer, CEO and Owner, Sourced Municipal Solutions